The traditional way of proving theorems in mathematics is more like “prove-and-leave” than it is like “eat-and-run.” One proves a theorem; put it aside with a certain confidence level, and move on to other challenges. But even with 토토사이트 the aid of computers, this process has its limits. There are mathematical results with proofs so long and complicated that no human being could understand them entirely and have faith that they are correct.

Eat-and-run verification is cheap, repeatable, and has no risk of failure.

In general, what one calls eat-and-run verification is cheap, repeatable, and has no risk of failure. In the worst case, it costs one a few hours to do a brief experiment, but 토토사이트 (Toto site)usually; takes only a few minutes. Conversely, the alternatives to eat-and-run have higher costs and risks. It might cost one a few hundred dollars to hire a professional to do a small experiment for one.  Or, if one wants a quick answer from experts, one can post their question on a mailing list or forum, with the risk that someone will figure out who one is and start asking one question in return. If one tries to get an expert to explain something to one without asking them directly, the risk is that they will realize one doesn’t know what they assume one knows and decide not to bother.

All these alternatives are unattractive because they are not cheap or quick enough for us when we have a small amount of uncertainty about what we want or need. When we know exactly what we want and need, we can afford the best experts in the world. But when our uncertainty is large or undefined, there is no reason to pay so much when we can find out for free with eat-and-run methods.

Toto site is an example of how to build a company.

Toto site is a new kind of company. In the past, most companies were hierarchical. The CEO had a large span of control and delegated to reports. Reports did the same to their reports. In this kind of company, control was very centralized. People were motivated by following orders from the top, getting promoted, or being afraid of being fired.

The Toto site is different. It uses principles from complexity science to create an organization that is self-organizing and emergent. The CEO has a small span of control and delegates nearly everything. He hires people he trusts to manage their teams, who hire people they trust to manage their teams, all the way down to front-line workers who are given the freedom to do whatever it takes to meet their targets. Employees are motivated by doing things that matter, building great products that people love, not by following orders or getting promoted or being afraid of being fired.